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Wow - 1k followers on Instagram! A big thank you to everybody who finds interest in the stuff I post here. For this little celebratory animation I was inspired by a paperback I found at the thrift store - a "medical thriller" called Flashback by Michael Palmer (it has four stars on Goodreads, so maybe it's decent? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯). It would probably have been a good idea to use AE for this effect, but I was stubborn and wanted to see if I could replicate it in Houdini. After some playing around with booleans and packed primitives, I got a working example and rendered it out, piping it through Permanent Press to give that halftone look. I couldn't decide on a color scheme so I ended up uploading both.

I'll be posting more of these experiments (and some requested tutorials) very soon. Thanks everybody!

.hip file is available here.

Jake Allen