Jake Allen

Norton "Boldly Go"


Norton asked us to help animate a new series of web ads called "Boldly Go." This was a multidisciplinary job so I hopped on both 2D and 3D animation for this one. I helped on a bunch of different shots - like the copier machine, the cell phone, the cheeseburger cat, and the sick computer. The cat sequence ended up being a grid of cubes using the Surface Effector in Cinema 4D to get the 'pixel' effect, with the next scene's frames baked as textures on the bottom of the cubes to achieve the 'rotation' transition. This was a fun, varied project and I got to test a lot of new tricks and tools!


Editor: Chris Shegich
3D Artists: Jake Allen, Alex Moed
Motion Graphics: Jake Allen, Chris Hooker, Jesse Randall